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With the sudden shift away from the classroom in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue. It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has utterly disrupted the education system.

Since studies have shown that children extensively use their senses to learn, making learning fun and effective through use of technology, we are very excited to launch our out of the box online learning portal – eClasses.

This portal can be used by Schools, Universities, Extra Classes Educators and Learning Academies.  The eClasses LMS system has spesialised features like interactive learning, blended learning, use of multimedia, course download and offline capabilities to mention just few. 

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In years past, instructors had to create their “virtual classrooms” from scratch which was difficult and often led to poor results. Today, an entire industry has emerged to do this for us. Course Management System (CMS) software is utilized by just about all colleges today. CMS allow instructors to design and deliver their courses within a flexible framework that includes a number of different tools to enable learning and communication to occur.

eClasses comes in two options: Cloud Hosted Option, which had a lower initial cost but higher monthly rental fee and Server Hoster Option, which has a higher initial cost but lower monthly rental fee. Both eClasses options was developed so that they can be rolled out and branded to our needs, within 7 days.

This is due to the “out of the box” technology that is been used to design and build eClasses so successfully.

Although the Bunnypants Team has been working on this for months before Covid-19 strike the nation, we believe that there is no better time than now to release the portal officially.

We are very proud and very excited to share this platform with the world, as this was in many ways testing our design skills, our technical skills, our own communication skills and the world’s needs, all at once!

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Online learning is education that takes place over the Internet. It is often referred to as “elearning” among other terms. However, online learning is just one type of “distance learning” - the umbrella term for any learning that takes place across distance and not in a traditional classroom.

A large sum of Schools and Universities have said they will improve online classes, not primarily for emergency teaching during the coronavirus crisis, but for the longer term. Some have already set up a special teams to further develop online learning technology and practices that will be adopted after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Of course, there will be some problems and shortcomings. But those can be dealt with and are not reasons to postpone adoption.

We believe that Online Learning is the way of the future.

Whether it be your main source of education, or for assisted learning, it is an absolute must for educational institutions to consider sooner than later.

While traditional education will never go away, neither will distance learning. With online enrolment increasing every day, it looks like online schooling is making its mark, causing students to ask, “How important is flexibility and effective learning to me?”

Is your school ready?

Is your institute prepared?

Are you looking for easier ways to educate a larger group of students at once?

Then this is the perfect solution for you!

Visit this brand new website at https: and be amazed of how fun education can be!

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 Covid19 Sanitizing - Website Design


Building a brand and website can sometimes be overwhelming for our clients. Building a brand and website in confusing times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, even MORE so!
That is why Bunnypants is here to help!


The goal is to help you create a website that promotes your brand, communicates your values, meets your business conversion goals and delivers a good return on investment. But how do you do that, if you don’t know where to start.

The first step will be to tell us what you need!
This is exactly what Covid19 Sanitizing as an initiative of Makhaya Corrosion Control did.
They called in for our help!


With their already planned out initiative, more than 30 years of experience, professional and correct equipment ready to do the job, typed out strategy and the willingness to implement their skills, they needed our skills, to put all of this together on a website that is both informative and attractive, inviting clients in and even more so, to trust their brand.
So this is what we did! And they loved it!


A website consisting of various types of media, making the user experience even more memorable.
Combining video, related info, detailed communication about their product and images to prove their credibility, resulted in a beautiful 5 pager website including an added live chat system and newsletter system and an accompanying newsletter design to kick-start their marketing.


Situated in the Vaal Triangle, but capable to do business anywhere, they are your perfect solution for any form of Industrial Sanitizing and Deep Cleaning.

Areas that should be sanitized: 1. Taxi Ranks, Places of Shelter or Community Centres 2. Community Market Centres 3. Government Buildings i.e.. Home Affairs, SAPS, Prisons, Traffic Departments 4. Hospitals and Clinics 5. Schools, Churches and other social gathering areas. 6. Vehicles i.e. Taxis, Police Vehicles, Ambulances, Trains, Busses and other forms of public transport 7. Open Parking Areas and Surroundings 8. Shopping Centres, Businesses, Canteens 9. Sanitary Facilities 10. Staircases
For more information, contact them today at


Covid19 Sanitizing - Website Design


View the video >



So back to the perfect solution for your brand.

Your intentions are great, but let's be honest... you have a full-time job already, and while you sort-of know what you want your website to look like, you may not have time to pull it off. It's easy to get stuck at that stage! If that sounds familiar, let us do the work for you so that you can focus on what you love!


Let us help you find a creative way of displaying your products and services, promoting your brand and creating awareness to suit your individual needs.


Covid19 Sanitizing - Website Design

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Blockhouse One Stop - Poster Design 


How to take your brand and the presence it creates further than just step one… that is the question of the day!

What is the next step? What should you do to create brand awareness and direct attention to your business?


The Blockhouse had just that dilemma and to top it off, they had a very cool initiative they needed to advertise. That’s where our creative design team came in during the design of their marketing posters. This series of posters all needed to have the same feeling but each with their own unique layout.


Okay so you have a brand, you went through the process and you chose the look that best captures your brand and its personality, but what do you do now? So many questions, urgh! Well the key is asking the right questions that will help get you to the right answers.


Marketing can be approached from so many sides and the key is to find the kind of marketing that suits your business but also your target market and the kind of clientele who buys into your business.


Remember a business is still perceived as a person with a personality. People tie certain character traits to a business and judge a business by these traits as they interact with it. A big part of that is consistent branding that can immediately be identified with your business.


Looking at the striking design Blockhouse chose, it is clear that they put careful thought into the message and feeling they wanted the modern but grungy design to convey.


Have you put some thought into your advertising? Bunnypants; taking your brand further.


Blockhouse One Stop - Poster Design


Blockhouse One Stop - Poster Design

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Animaland – Calendar Design


Where imagination and animal health meet. Sooo... how do you bring that to life in a design?


Well, that surely was the question at the beginning of this project. We just loved the enthusiasm the client had about their practice, their patients and also the vision they had for the design of their annual calendar.


The aim of the calendar was to form part of a competition where people would have to guess the theme before it would be unveiled for 2020. It also needed to speak of a love for animals and the fun-loving nature of their veterinary practice.


Our team of designers came up with a variety of options for the calendar design, based on the design brief they gave us. That provided them with a variety of interpretations of the vision they had and allowed them to choose the design that best suits what they had in mind.


Once the free included revision rounds were used to fine-tune the design, it was clear that the calendar would be the reason someone smiles.


What are your graphic design needs? Do you have a very specific idea in mind? Well then, give us a call so we can dream with you, while we bring your ideas to life.

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