Bartmann Braaihout - Logo Design

 Bartmann Braaihout - Logo Design


What impression would you like to create when people see your logo? Are you struggling to get your words into an image? Don't get discouraged, maybe you just need the right team to help you.


Having a look at the unique logo we designed for Bartmann Braaihout, it's clear that they had a very specific idea in mind.


We had to basically illustrate the name and tagline as the main focal point. The grungy feeling of the logo helps create the impression of a burning fire. Naturally the font needed to match the look and the feeling of the logo to keep the design consistent. The colours we used was the last aspect needed to round off the complete image.


So now with a burning fire as an icon and a crown accenting their tagline, this logo in its black red and yellow was complete.


No matter what your needs or ideas are, brief us on what you have in mind and let us help you bring it to life!

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