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The world needs more dynamic individuals who form connections and aim to create movements that can change the world as we know it for the better.


GFPA Foundation is a very dynamic female driven organization, who aim to empower women in the field of aviation and aerospace. They aim to impact the youth and educate them on the opportunities there are in the field. Raising a generation of strong women who can bring forth change and new beginnings.


Bunnypants helped these inspirational women in their quest for designs that would match their already established logo and the feeling their design material embodies. We designed their corporate identity first and then moved over to their website.


The corporate identity consisted of a business card, letterhead and email signature, as they already had their logo in place. Their business needs has now grown and they suddenly needed professional stationary to match the standards they work hard to uphold. The looks of the brand were designed to be uniformed and unique. We took care not to clutter the designs with a lot of detail and kept it clean. The clean designs allowed us to put emphasis on a general focus point which also incorporated their contact details.


The website obviously needed to match the rest of their brand designs and needed to be easy to navigate. As with all the websites we build, their website is CMS based, putting the power back in their hands and allowing them to manage the website in the future.


The look needed to be high-end, but yet a bit playful because their target market is both learners and potential volunteers or sponsors. It was important for the website to be user friendly so learners and sponsors both could get any information they needed. Focal colours needed to be different shades of grey while accenting the colours of the logo.


We also made use of strong imagery that would help represent the strong women in the industry and the empowerment of girls who are interested in furthering a career in aviation and aerospace.


Bunnypants love helping our unique and different clients with all their graphic design- and website needs. Choose Bunnypants to do your designs and build your website, choose the team with experience.






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