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"Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving." - David Ogilvy.


Now that is something to ponder about. In this game of trial and error nothing is guaranteed. Having a business can't be expected to be any different and taking it to a new level of success will definitely involve advertising of some sort. Let's take L'Aviatore as an example; This is an exciting new company with a very promising future, as it fills a gap in the aviation market. However, no one will know about it if they don't advertise.


As a long-standing client of Bunnypants, we were very excited to help them with their publication and media advertisement. We based the look on their already established corporate look and we focused on the different ways of getting in touch with them.


The aim of their business is to put buyers and sellers in contact with each other. This is a very specialised platform for pilots and owners of helicopters or air planes. That is why they need a professional and creative design team who can bring it all together on one design.


The Bunnypants team takes a concept or idea and turns it into a creative design. So let us know how you need our help today.

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