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Are you a design, marketing or branding agency, but need a world-class design team to excute your clients design need? Then hire te Bunnypants Team for your designs with nobody even knowing it. We offer a White Label Design Service to agencies or induviduals who have clients that need graphics designed and websites build without us connecting with you client or branding the designs as our work.

Our White Label Design services is perfect for agencies who have overflo work or induviduals, marketers who do not have the skills or time to actually do te design work themselves.

We will sign a non disclosure | white lable contract with you, where we vow not to contact your client directly or claim design works as done by our team.  

With this service in place you can focus and specialise in what you are good in and let us complete your service without you having to sow away clients or loose them to the competition. Many entrepreneurs, agencies, influencers and brands trust us to design for them & you can too…

*Terms & conditions apply , *Bunnypants has the right to refuse white label application *Bunnypants has the right to refuse a lead or customer.
  • You get to hire our world-class design team at wholesale prices.
  • You can on-sell our design services to your clients and add your own margin to make a profit. We start you off at a 15% commision as discount, you can grow your commision by using us more often.
  • Our professional designs are all unique and original, based on our design questionnaire or your brief.
  • We do NOT use pre-made design templates. Everything we design is completely custom.
  • We have design questionnaires for all of our design services.
  • 3 to 4 times free design revisions, until approved (as long as the revisions are in-line with the original brief).
  • All final .psd or .ai files, fonts & instructions supplied to you.
  • 4 Week Design Process for a full website design. Can vary depending on which other design services you order.
  • All design services and products leadd times very, make sure to check them with us.
  • The first Design Submission will be sent to you within 7 to 10 working days.
  • You get full ownership & Intellectual Property Rights on the designs.
  • We will not disclose any of your clients information or contact them.


Apply by sending us an email explaining your needs and telling us more about you. -


We review your application for White Labeling Services


We approve or decline your application - our brand is very important to us.


If approved, we will contact you and supply you with a signed White Label Non Disclosure Agreement Contract.


We can start doing business and will supply you with all needed documentation and procedures.


Please note that Bunnypants Studio White Label terms and conditions apply.




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